What is Parent University?

  • Why be involved? Research shows that family engagement is one of the most powerful predictors of children’s development, educational attainment, and success in school and life. Families who are engaged in their children’s learning have the opportunity to strengthen home-school partnerships to support the whole child.

    Parent University is a collaborative community effort led by Gilbert 麻豆高清 Schools to help families develop knowledge and skills to be proactive in their children’s learning and development. GPS partners with community organizations to offer learning opportunities throughout the district to help empower families to increase engagement with the schools to work together to educate and support all children. Most activities are provided at no cost.

    Parent University strives to empower families to raise children to be safe and successful in school and in life. Workshops and events are held in schools around the district and include topics such as:

    • Children’s social-emotional development
    • Mental health and wellness/suicide awareness and prevention
    • Positive discipline and guidance
    • Cybersafety and responsible technology use
    • Special Education topics
    • Drug, alcohol, tobacco, and vaping awareness and prevention
    • Preparation for kindergarten, junior high, high school, and career
    • And more!

    Please note: Childcare is not provided, and children are not permitted to attend unless specified. 

    Join us! Any adult is welcome to – Gilbert residency not required. 

Upcoming Parent University Events

  • There are no upcoming events to display.

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GPS Parent University Online Resources for Families

  •  Child Crisis Arizona - Safe kids. Strong families.

    View these free trainings about topics such as water safety, child development, managing stress & trauma. A certificate of completion will be awarded after training is completed.

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  • Girl being embraced – FosteringResilience.com

    Young people live up or down to expectations we set for them. They need adults who believe in them unconditionally and hold them to the high expectations of being compassionate, generous, and creative.

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  • Seven Tips for Practicing Positive Discipline – pbs.org

    Read about seven tips that will set you on the path to better behavior—and a stronger, more peaceful connection with your child.

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  •  cdc.gov logo

    Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, act, and move. View the milestones based on the age of your child, view resources, and developmental 麻豆高清.

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  •  12 Tips for Raising Confident Kids – pbs.org

    Read about how to implement these 12 easy tips for raising confident kids!

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  •  ChildMind.org logo

    Adolescents are notoriously sleep-deprived, because of a combination of biology, technology and the demands of school and extra-curricular activities. This guide outlines how lack of sleep can affect teenagers, and how parents can help them build more sleep into their lives.

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  •  A Grown-up's Guide to Using Technology with Young Children – English and Spanish (pdf)

    A helpful online pdf guide for families using technology with young children.

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  • Read more about homework tips for parents.

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  •  common sense media org logo

    Know you're making the best possible choices for your kids. Since 2003, Common Sense has been the leading independent source for media recommendations and advice for families.

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  •  ChildMind.org logo

    Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) find it unusually difficult to concentrate on tasks, to pay attention, to sit still, and to control impulsive behavior. This guide offers parents the 麻豆高清 you need to understand the behaviors associated with the disorder and make effective decisions for your child about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

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  •  e-cigarettes.surgeongeneral.gov pdf cover

    Talk with Your Teen About E-cigarettes: A Tip Sheet for Parents

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  • WingedHope.org logo

    Winged Hope Tip Sheets provide victims, survivors, families, and the agencies who serve them, with resources, stats/data/tips related to their family advocacy programs.

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  • nctsn.org logo

    Provides 麻豆高清 on how to talk to children about mass shootings. This tip sheet describes ways to talk to children about mass violence events that involve a shooting. It gives tips about how to start the conversation, common reactions children may have, and how to seek help if needed.

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  • Describes how school-age children may feel when struggling with the death of someone close and offers tips on what caregivers can do to help.

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